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Stay Awhile

Hello there, I am Kyle, I am a follower of Christ and this is my blog. I think it best to start with a warning. If you are a certified and long standing member of the grammar police this may not be the blog for you. Not that I will go out of my way to frustrate anyone. I want everyone to enjoy my efforts, yet it doesn’t take a prophet to tell you I will make plenty of mistakes along the way. As a child I struggled to learn my letters yet I believe for maybe the first time in my life I may have something worth saying. What is that you ask? I don’t really know, it is just a feeling. Some small voice inside that believes my observations maybe of some help to people especially for those who feel a bit lost in this modern world. So join me friends and find my words soothing to your weary souls.

p.s. I plan to start doing fairly regular blog posts. This doesn’t mean they will take a particular form only that I will try my best to do a weekly update of my adventures through life in anyway of my choosing. If after a few posts you like what you are hearing or seeing, then follow away or don’t because you are the hero of your own journey.

So take care and until next time much love,


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